North Wood Bridge

Regular visitors to the park will know that the small bridge in the North Wood of the park, has been in a poor state of repair, and closed, for some time.

The bridge has been dilapidated and closed for a few years (Pic: Alan Melville)

The Friends’ committee began discussing the issue in September 2020, and a group worked to explore what options may be open to get the bridge either repaired or replaced.

Committee members spoke with specialists and the park management. The costs involved were prohibitive for ourselves, particularly when considering removal, labour and remediation work was included, even before the cost of a new bridge.

But we could push the issue and explore options, so we were delighted to discover a company was already working on a similar project nearby for the council, and our enquiries allowed for their work to be extended to incorporate the North Wood Bridge.

Finished bridge

We’re delighted to report that work on the bridge started in March 2021, with the old bridge now removed, repairs made to the foundations, and the replacement installed.

Many thanks to all involved, particularly Bob Marshall and Alan Melville.