Old Stable Courtyard: Project engagement

Visitors to the park will no doubt be aware of the sad state of the Old Stable Courtyard buildings, adjacent to Pollok House.

Access has been severely curtailed for safety reasons, with fencing installed. A diversion is in place for pedestrians, and the Clydesdale horses that used to be a popular attraction, are currently being looked after in Ayrshire.

It’s a huge multi-year project, and efforts to restore the buildings are led by the council, who manage the park estate.

Members of The Friends of Pollok Park have been engaging with the council, and the various organisations/stakeholders involved in the project, to ensure the views of our members and park users are properly represented, to help ensure a long-term future for the buildings.

The good news from autumn 2021 is that the council’s bid for UK Government funding was successful, with £13m allocated to the project. We look forward to hearing more detail about this in due course. You can read a bit more about this on the council website.

We’ll add resources and details below as the project, and our understanding of its current state, changes.


Crocuses besides the closed-off Old Stable Courtyard buildings (Pic: Richard Leyton)