Pollok Country Park is Glasgow’s largest park, and has a long history. Whilst there is lots of information out there, we wanted to try and bring it together to help park users more readily find out information.

Park organisations

Glasgow City Council

The park is primarily managed by Glasgow City Council. They maintain a website page, with key contact details. There is an article on park history, and for a heritage trail around the park.

NB. For complaints about issues within the park, please address them to the council, rather than us. Details about the council’s complaints process is here, and the form is available here.

The Burrell Collection

The park is home to the world famous Burrell Collection museum, which is managed by Glasgow Life (an arms length charity from the council). The museum is currently closed for refurbishment.

Pollok House

Pollok House is the grand house at the heart of the park. It is managed by the National Trust for Scotland.

Groups and organisations

The park, and surrounding areas, have a wide variety of groups and organisations that have some relation to the park.


The following sport groups can be found in, or near, the park

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