North Wood Bridge

Regular visitors to the park will know that the small bridge in the North Wood of the park, has been in a poor state of repair, and closed, for some time.

The bridge has been dilapidated and closed for a few years (Pic: Alan Melville)

The Friends’ committee began discussing the issue in September 2020, and a group worked to explore what options may be open to get the bridge either repaired or replaced.

Committee members spoke with specialists and the park management. The costs involved were prohibitive for ourselves, particularly when considering removal, labour and remediation work was included, even before the cost of a new bridge.

But we could push the issue and explore options, so we were delighted to discover a company was already working on a similar project nearby for the council, and our enquiries allowed for their work to be extended to incorporate the North Wood Bridge.

Work is now under way, with the original bridge now removed (Pic: Alan Melville)

We’re delighted to report that work on the bridge started in March 2021, with the old bridge now removed. Repairs will be made to the foundations, and a replacement bridge installed in the near future, and should greatly improve this part of the park.

Many thanks to all involved, particularly Bob Marshall and Alan Melville. Check back for further progress updates.

Bird and Bat box project

Govan Men's Shed
John Affleck and Richard Cairns from the Men’s Shed, Govan, delivering the boxes

One of our current projects has been in conjunction with the Men’s Shed in Govan. The Men’s Shed have been making bird nesting boxes, and bat roosting boxes, and we’re working with the Countryside Rangers to identify the best locations for them inside the park.

The bird nesting boxes need to be placed to avoid strong sunlight and the wettest winds, and of course to keep them safe.

We need to be careful to that the bat roosts are warm and easily navigable, and well away from predators.

Fiona Greenlees, of the Countryside Ranger’s, has now taken delivery of the boxes.

Old Stable Courtyard: Project engagement

Visitors to the park will no doubt be aware of the sad state of the Old Stable Courtyard buildings, adjacent to Pollok House.

Access has been severely curtailed for safety reasons, with fencing installed. A diversion is in place for pedestrians, and the Clydesdale horses that used to be a popular attraction, are currently being looked after in Ayrshire.

It’s a huge multi-year project, and efforts to restore the buildings are led by the council, who manage the park estate. We understand it will be a long-term project.

Members of The Friends of Pollok Park have been engaging with the council, and the various organisations/stakeholders involved in the project, to ensure the views of our members and park users are properly represented, to help ensure a long-term future for the buildings.

We’ll add resources and details below as the project, and our understanding of its current state, changes.


Crocuses besides the closed-off Old Stable Courtyard buildings (Pic: Richard Leyton)

New benches

The Friends of Pollok park have been working to install new benches in the park over the last 18 months or so.

Two have been installed already, one on the riverside path, the other just inside the North Wood, near Pollok House. We secured funding in 2020 from the Wee Green Grants, for five additional benches!

The new benches have been constructed, and we’re currently working with the park’s management and staff to finalise locations and arrange for installation, which is taking a bit longer than we’d like due to the ongoing pandemic.

Many thanks to everybody involved!

Work Parties

The group organises work parties in the park. These are a great way to get involved in a direct way in supporting the park, get to know a few of the Friends group, and the team of rangers who work in the park.

Alas the pandemic has meant a change to our route. When restrictions allow, we hope to restart these with existing volunteers, and will extend to more volunteers. To find out more, please join us and indicate you’re interested in volunteering opportunities on your signup form.

Please note though that our insurance for this work only allows those 18 and older to participate.

Work has so far included:

  • clearing the pond
  • pulling the intrusive Himalayan balsam
  • Planting trees
  • Refurbishing and cleaning memorial benches
  • Part restoration of the ‘Hobbit Village’, and dressing for Christmas!
  • Planting wild-flower seeds