Friends of Pollok Country Park Committee Meeting 15 May 2019

In attendance: Liz Corbett
Catherine Todd
J. Peter Gore
Patricia McCarthy
Brian McKechnie
Bob Marshall

Apologies: Alan Melville
Gordon Blair
Grace Lyon

1.Welcome and Apologies
Liz Corbett welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Alan Melville, Gordon Blair and Grace Lyon.

2.It was agreed that the minutes of the last meeting could be posted on the website.

3.Matters Arising

a)Area Partnership Grant
Bob Marshall requested an update regarding how the grant was progressing and was advised by Liz Corbett that the paperwork had recently been processed and Alan Melville and Robert Coia were in the process of creating a design proposal for the bench.

b)National Trust for Scotland (NTS)
Bob Marshall had previously suggested asking a representative from the NTS to attend a future meeting and asked how this was progressing. He was advised that although it had been noted in the minutes that this would be requested for a future meeting no other action had been taken.Liz Corbett highlighted the need to ensure that there were issues to discuss prior to requesting their attendance and that the relationship between the Council and NTS may be difficult. Bob Marshall suggested that awareness of the Trust’s future plans in respect of Pollok House would be useful as their lease is almost up. Pat McCarthy highlighted some previous difficulties with feedback from NTS in regard to work that she wished to progress but felt it would be very helpful to have someone come along to the Friends meeting. Bob Marshall to provide the contact details for the NTS.

b)Butterflies and Blooms
The event will be taking place within Pollok Country Park on 4 July 2019 and Pat McCarthy and Deirdre Hoyle will be in attendance.


Liz Corbett advised that Gordon Blair and Grace Lyons were still in the process of creating a Just Giving page and that this was critical to critical to fundraising efforts for the benches.    GB & GL

5. Membership

This is closely linked to fundraising efforts.

Agreement was reached that this would be via an online form and Brian McKechnie highlighted the importance of awareness of data protection and the need to keep the information gathered to a minimum.

6.Catherine Todd to create a draft membership form on paper.         CT

Liz Corbett advised that Alan Melville had investigated obtaining a banner for use during the working parties but advised that the banner under consideration would not have been suitable for outside use.

During the April meeting it had been agreed that Catherine Todd would write to Paul Brannan to request permission to install a dedicated Friends noticeboard. She advised that the Friends had been offered the free use of a noticeboard.

It was noted that different parts of the Park are visited by different people and that it was important to inform as many people as possible.

It was agreed that as the type of noticeboard (freestanding or attached to a wall) would impact on location Catherine Todd would write to Hazel Nichols to seek further information.

9.Working Parties
Liz Corbett advised that Alan Melville had created a card for working party to hand out if approached by members or the public while working in the Park.

Pat McCarthy suggested that they were great for drawing attention to the group and communicating with the public on a one to one basis.


Grace Lyon had provided an update prior to the meeting.

Auditing of Accounts
She advised that her recommendation regarding changing the constitution relates to the preparation of the accounts rather than the FOPCP becoming a charity.

She recommended that the auditor should be nominated by the committee and that the accounting year end should be nearer the AGM which should be moved to mid-February with a 31 December year-end.

She suggested that this would be a straight-forward amendment of the constitution which would require the general agreement from the membership (two thirds of members at the meeting as per the constitution) at either an AGM, EGM or a general public meeting and that they would ensure that the AGM sees a relatively recent set of accounts rather than a set which is already a year out of date.

Signatories for Cheques

In addition to her suggestion regarding auditing the accounts she suggested a further change to the constitution to make a change regarding signatories. Rather than the current arrangement whereby the bank account may be operated by any two of three signatories she suggested amending this to four signatories. This would minimise the risk of signatories being unavailable

11.Friends of Glasgow Parks Meeting

Catherine Todd attended the meeting on Wednesday 17 April 2019 and advised that Neighbourhoods and Sustainability were introducing a participatory budgeting scheme in respect of part of the Parks and Open Spaces budget and that there would be preparatory meetings in respect of this.

12.Stable Block

The FOPCP had previously written to the Council to express concerns regarding the lack of progress in conserving the stables and Liz Corbett circulated the response received from the Council prior to the meeting

The Council are currently seeking funding towards work on the stables but the committee expressed disappointment at the lack of progress given that the threat to the stables future has been known of for some time.

Liz Corbett to write to the Council acknowledging their response and asking to be kept updated.

13.Working Parties

Liz Corbett advised that work has commenced on the removal of Himalayan Balsam and that on completion work would start on cutting back the rhododendrons.

Bob Marshall noted that work had been completed on stone bridge near Stables and suggested that consideration should be given to looking at broken benches at bottom of glade.


a)Nigel Kerr
Bob Marshall advised that Nigel Kerr will be leaving the Council and will be replaced. Stevie Scott is currently covering the post until Nigel Kerr’s replacement has been identified.

b)Concern was expressed that as the planning process has yet to commence for the car park the process may be held up

c)It was noted by Liz Corbett that a bus stop is being built

d)Brian McKechnie enquired regarding whether Family Days will be taking place within the park this year and was advised by Catherine Todd that this hadn’t taken place for a number of years due to funding.

d)Visitors to the Park
Bob Marshall noted that he had spotted more tourists outside of the usual areas (Pollok House and near the Highland Cows).

15.Dates of future meetings

Committee Meetings will be held on Wednesday 19 June and Wednesday 21 August at 1830 in the Ivory Hotel.

The next Public Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 July in the Ivory Hotel and the need to publicise the meeting was noted,

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