Friends of Pollok Country Park – Committee meeting 17April2019






In attendance: Gordon Blair
Liz Corbett
Catherine Todd
J. Peter Gore
Patricia McCarthy
Alan Melville

Apologies: Grace Lyon
Brian McKechnie
Bob Marshall

Welcome and Apologies
Gordon Blair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Grace Lyon Brian McKechnie and Bob Marshall.

It was agreed that the minutes of the last meeting could be posted on the website.


Liz Corbett had received a suggestion from Grace Lyons that setting up a Just Giving page would be simpler than setting up a PayPal account.

Alan Melville suggested that a reward should be given to those supporting fundraising for the benches. However, while this was agreed by the committee Liz Corbett suggested that it should be virtual rather than actual nameplates on benches.

This led to a discussion on how this could be done via the Friends website. It was suggested that the website acknowledgement could either focus on either styles of benches or the location of the benches within the Park. The suggestion of having a donations feed at top of website was also made.

Gordon Blair suggested that if the donor wanted to make the donation public then the person could be tagged on Facebook. This would not only acknowledge their support but would help improve the website’s profile.


A discussion took place on whether membership should be via the completion of online or paper forms and how this should be maintained (including how we record any skills they may have).

It was suggested that membership should be linked to the Just Giving page and highlighted that the website would need to be updated.


It was agreed that there was a need to increase the awareness of the Friends of Pollok Country Park amongst Park users.

It was agreed that a request would be made to either take over the use of an existing noticeboard or install a new noticeboard.

Catherine Todd to e-Mail Paul Brannan.

Alan offered to design a card that members of the work party could give out to interested passers-by.



Copies of the blank constitution were circulated at the meeting.

Grace Lyons has advised Liz Corbett that the constitution would have to be amended if the Friends of Pollok Country Park wanted to become a charity. Any such amendments would require an extraordinary general public meeting which would need to advertised in 4 public places (for example libraries and supermarkets).

Liz Corbett has forwarded a copy of the constitution to Grace Lyons and asked her to provide details of the amendments required.

Gordon Blair has agreed to talk to one of his colleague who is familiar with the process of setting up charities who will be able to provide advice on the amendments required to the constitution.

Charter for Parks

The committee agreed that the Friends of Pollok Country Park would decline to participate.

Friends of Glasgow Parks Meeting

Catherine Todd advised the Committee that the next meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 17 April 2019.

Catherine Todd to attend.

Countryside Rangers Invite

It was agreed that Pat McCarthy and Deirdre Hoyle would attend the Countryside Rangers event Butterflies and Blooms in July and Alan Melville offered to design colouring in sheets


Working Parties

Liz Corbett advised that they were going well and that she will be meeting with Keir Construction.


Alan Melville advised that the Scots have done assessed the river and may be able to do the clean-up in wellies without need for boat but wouldn’t be able to do anything about the rubbish hanging from trees.

Glasgow School of Art & Pollok Country Park Presentations

The presentation was attended by Liz Corbett.

She suggested that the student focus was on the future rather than resolving immediate needs and was very technology led.

The feedback focused on:

the students suggested creating a of separate trust not linked to Glasgow Life Susan Degan, Glasgow Life advised that this is linked to an upcoming European funding proposal
Participation System
use of working parties to identify issues which would be reported to the Countryside Rangers
creation of pavilions with different focuses
People Make Pollok Park
the students suggested creating a market in Stables and linking in this to allotments, local producers and visitors

Ideas suggested by the students included looking at the design of noticeboards; creation of experience hubs (similar to existing maps); creation of pod workspaces across the park; creation of observation tower in park the creation of natural play areas for kids rather than hard play parks.


Format of Agenda

It was agreed that future agendas would automatically start with:

1 Welcome and Apologies

2 Matters arising

Area Partnership

The grant acceptance form was signed in from of the Committee

Date of next meeting

The next Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15 May at 1830 in the Ivory Hotel.

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