Friends of Pollok Country Park Committee Meeting 20March 2019




WEDNESDAY 20 March 2019


In attendance:
Liz Corbett
J. Peter Gore
Patricia McCarthy
Bob Marshall
Alan Melville

Apologies: Gordon Blair
Grace Lyon
Brian McKechnie
Catherine Todd

1. Welcome and Apologies
Gordon Blair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Gordon Blair, Grace Lyon Brian McKechnie and Catherine Todd.
2. Thoughts on the Glasgow School of Art Workshop

Those who attended thought it had been very worthwhile. The committee have been invited to a feedback session arranged for 16th April 2019.

Liz Corbett to forward invite.

3. Feedback from discussions with Contractor Completing the Tree Works

Unfortunately Liz Corbett was away when the contractors were on site and was unable to arrange a meeting. The report generated by the works will be forwarded to the committee by Fiona McKinnon.

4. Working Parties

The working parties are going well.

The tree planting has now started which will continue for couple of weeks.

Liz Corbett advised that anti erosion work on one of the ditches has still to take place and it was agreed that consent would be sought from the Council to knock down and remove the broken down baffles at the cycle routes located at the Dumbreck Stables entrance and to remove the various bits of broken benches.

Liz Corbett to contact the Countryside Rangers.


5. Area partnership Grant

Liz Corbett advised the committee that £1,000 had been granted by the Newlands Auldhouse Area Committee and nothing from the Greater Pollok Area Committee as they want to focus on the smaller parks.

A discussion took place on how to proceed and agreed that one perfect bench would be created (Alan Melville to provide the specification) and Mr Coia would be asked to repair other benches using the planks to be cut by the handyman at Pollok park and paid for using the remaining money.

Gordon Blair and Alan Melville to action.

6. Fundraising

Liz Corbett advised that we currently have £193 in funds and that the Public Liability insurance, which is due to be renewed shortly will cost approximately £200.

Very helpfully members of the committee dug deep in their pockets and donated £70.

Liz Corbett to pass to Treasurer and ask her to acknowledge and bank.

7. Membership

It was agree that fundraising was closely associated with membership and publicity and whilst there was general agreement that those applying for membership should be asked to pay a token amount (perhaps £5) it should just be a suggested donation.

It was also agreed that the next meeting on 17 April 2019 should be dedicated to a discussion on fundraising, membership and the promotion of the FOPP.

8. Repair Work Within the Park

The work to the steps and retaining walls at Pollok House is ongoing.

9. Invitation to the National Trust to attend a Future Meeting

It was agreed to invite the NTS to a future meeting.

10. AOCB


Alan Melville reported that the Sea Scouts are going to undertake a clean-up of the river and other environmental projects. Details to be sorted out directly between the countryside rangers and the Scout Leaders.


Alan Melville suggested that the local Menshed should be asked to get involved in repair work.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Liz Corbett advised that the notes of the February meeting had been posted on the website.

Letter to Chief Executive Regarding the Stable Block

The draft letter had been circulated and no amendments were suggested.
11. Date of next meeting

The next Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 April at 1830 in the Ivory Hotel.

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